Frozen Detox (60 Capsules)DETAILS:✔️FDA Thailand approved.✔️GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)✔️ISO (International Organization for Standardization)✔️HALAL approved product✔️Made in Thailand✔️100% organic with premium ingredientsA popular slimming supplement used by models in Thailand. Higher doses but still safe and very effective. You can see difference with just 1-2 boxes. It burns your fat faster than other slimming pills because 1 capsule of this is equivalent to 2 capsules of other brands.It's main ingredients are Psyllium Husk Powder, Indian Gooseberry Powder, Prune Juice Powder, Myrobalan Wood Extract, Beleric Myboran Extract, and Garcinia Extract. All contributes to its fast slimming effect.• Blocks 25% of the fat that you eat• Detoxify and Cleanse your body from inside• Metabolism Booster (Best for people 25 years old and up)• Gets rid of excess water• Reduces Stress • Boosts Energy level▫️No dizzy effect▫️No bad side effects▫️No sweating effect▫️No palpitations▫️It can be consumed by 13 years old and up▫️It can also be consumed by breastfeeding moms▫️It CANNOT be taken by pregnant women▫️You can consume caffeine and tea (some slimming pills are cannot be taken with tea and caffeine)▫️Prevents bad breath▫️Aids with proper disposal of waste▫️Reduces appetite so weight is guaranteed to reduce also

Frozen Detox for Slimming

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