Hello Glow Acne Defense Kit

Yes, the acne defense set may cause purging too 💚 it has Salicylic Acid (BHA) + Tea Tree

As salicylic acid penetrates the pore lining, it thins the thick, sticky oil (sebum) buildup as it loosens and reduces the size of clogs residing deeper in skin.

Once it penetrates the skin, salicylic acid "dissolves skin debris that clogs pores, [acts] as an anti-inflammatory and also helps red inflamed pimples and pustules go away faster,"

Here are some tips for you to follow while your skin is purging:

✔️Avoid popping any of those pimples or excessive touching of the face. (Pimple patch if you can)

✔️Do your best to avoid harsh chemicals or exfoliants. (Stick to the set only)

✔️Ease your skin into new products, especially those containing active ingredients (anti acne set has salicylic acid + tea tree)

✔️Avoid extended sun exposure during skin purging. (Always wear sunscreen, hg sun care gel is a great lightweight option)

Hello Glow Acne Defense set