Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea

Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea

contains 5 sachets (21g each)

Mizuya Matcha Milk Tea Drink Mix contains an ideal combination of Matcha Green Tea and Black Tea. A daily serving of this potent milk drink will kick your metabolism into high gear. Consuming matcha green tea increased the body’s ability to burn calories from 8% to 43%. Also, exercising immediately after drinking match green tea resulted in 25% more fat burn during exercise.

Benefits of matcha:
-Boosts immune system
-Burns calories
-Lowers cholesterol
-Detoxifies the body
-Increases energy levels

How to use:

HOT – Empty contents of one sachet into cup. Add hot water (approx. 150ml), stir well and serve.

COLD – Dissolve contents of one sachet in a small amount of hot water. Fill glass with cold water (up to 150ml). stir well. Add ice and serve.
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