Package A - Ryx Skincerity
Value: $629.00
▫️2x Poreless Maintenance Set
▫️ 1x Starter Kit
▫️2x Clearbomb Set
▫️2x Hydraglow Set
▫️2x Big Size Starter Kit
▫️1x Kenpakubijin 
▫️1x Sunscreen
▫️1x Derm Exfoliator 
▫️1x Vagicare

Package B - Aron Vitamin E
Value: $380.00
▫️1x Lotion
▫️1x Serum Lotion
▫️2x Rejuvenating Facial Wash
▫️4x Assorted Body Cream
▫️2x Face Serum
▫️3x Underarm Whitening Cream
▫️3x Underarm Whitening Deo
▫️3x Whitening Soap
▫️2x Super Whitening Collagen Soap

Package C - Schades
Value: $650.00
▫️10x Hydra bright Cleanser
▫️10x Hydra bright Toner
▫️10x Hydra bright Serum

Package D - The Diet Coach
Value: $590.00
▫️5x Ultra Gluta Glow 
▫️3x Boxes of Ultra Collagen Drink (3x8 bottles= 24 bottles)

Package E - Beauty Vault
Value: $520.00
▫️2x Bleaching Set
▫️2x Maintenance Set
▫️2x Rejuvenating Set
▫️3x Radiance Serum
▫️5x Lumina Soap
▫️2x Lumina Underarm Whitening Crean

Package F - Gluta Lipo Classics
20x Boxes Assorted
Value: $500.00

Package G - Gluta Lipo Gold Series
Value: $270.00
10x Boxes Assorted 
▫️Fiber Coffee
▫️Milky Melon
▫️Dark Chocolate

Package H - Busy Nurse Slimming Coffee
Value: $250.00
▫️10 Boxes of Busy Nurse

Package I - Happy Hues, Happy You
Value: $234.00
▫️18 Pieces of Assorted Lipstick 
     ▫️Love - Gel tint, lip gloss, hue butter
     ▫️Faith - Gel Tint, lip gloss, hue butter
     ▫️Hope - gel tint, lip gloss, hue butter

*You may add a note on the checkout on you preferred shades, flavours, etc. The assortment of products are subject to availability. If a product happens to be unavailable, we will replace it with a product with the same value or more.

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