RYX SKINCERITY GLOW BAR is infused with CLAIR BLANCHE.CLAIR BLANCHE is a multifunctional whitening agent composed of different fruit and plant root extracts that are proven to whiten the skin.RYX SKINCERITY GLOW BAR contains no harsh additives, preservatives or detergents commonly found in store-bought soap. Your skin will love the moisturizing, nurturing and creamy lathering properties.100% NON-TOXIC. ALL NATURAL. MADE BY ARTISAN INGREDIENTS.RYX SKINCERITY GLOW BAR provides a rich, foamy lathers to shower you with silky-softness as it whitens, hydrates and enhances your skin all over. It will leave your skin feeling clean and healthy-looking.SOAK YOUR TROUBLES AWAY!

RYX Glow Bar

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