Ryxskin Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Kit▫️Experience that intense peeling you've been waiting for!▫️Packed with skin-loving ingredients that will deeply exfoliates the damaged top most layer of your skin to bring out that clear, smooth new skin underneath.▫️Giving you that radiant bouncy glowing skin. ▫️Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles,▫️Improves overall skin texture, restore hydration and plumpness.▫️Corrects hyperpigmentation and gives you not just that coveted youthful complexion but more.This set comes with:▫️Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Soap 135g▫️Advanced Exfoliating Toner 60ml▫️Advanced Exfoliating Night Cream 10g▫️Advanced Exfoliating Day Cream 10g

Ryxskin Clear Bomb Advanced Exfoliating Kit

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