Whether you have oily, acne prone, sensitive, dry or other skin type, you will find facial  toners beneficial to add to your skincare regimen.Our Brightening Toner benefits include:●Helps clear clogged pores. This eventually sooner than later will show pore shrinkage with continuous usage.● Helps restore your pH balance. Skin's pH balqnce can get out of whack due to the alkaline nature of most face soap/wash. Using a toner can help restore the balance quicker.● Adds a layer of protection. Helps tighten cell gaps which may prevent environmental contaminants  and impurities from penetrating your skin.● It refreshes your skin. Our toner can be used as a face mist to refresh your skin on the go. It can be used in lieu of washing for a quick touch up.● A great grooming tool. Glycolic acid help prevent ingrown hairs. 

Schades Galactomyces Brightening Toner

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