Cloud Cleanser = Acne reliever High Recommended cleanser for DRY, SENSITIVE, and ACNE-PRONE skin. Basically, everyone!Your facial skin needs more love. Use a special cleanser!Our Cloud Cleanser is sulfate-free, calming, and does not dry out your skin! Perfect? Nah! We're not even done yet:It can reduce feeling of tightness after washingReduces sebum production all dayReduces inflammation in breakouts! Why is our Cloud Cleanser Sulfate-Free? Sulfate is a known skin irritant, it may clog pores (that's why we breakout from cleansers with SLES/SLS), and the more it is in contact with the skin, it strips off the skin's moisture. That's why it is the same cleansing ingredient in handwash soaps, car wash soaps, even in dish washing liquids, but your facial skin is different!It should be cleansed with something mild and gentle!There's not a single reason not to love the Galactomyces Cloud Cleanser.

Schades Galactomyces Cloud Cleanser

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